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We had just found some much-needed, excellent coffee over at Guillermo’s Coffee as we rolled into Little Rock, Arkansas, but it had been far too long since we stepped foot into a brewery. As a matter of fact, the last one we had visited was Dry Ground Brewing back in Paducah, Kentucky, and that was about a week prior…too long without local beer. We found a local Little Rock establishment named Stone’s Throw, so the idea of visiting a locale and trying even more beer from a city and state we had never been to before thrilled me. Plus, they had the added benefit of having an outstanding food truck just outside! Little Rock was quickly turning into a city we felt we’d be visiting again one day.

The massive mural outside

Stone’s Throw Brewing actually has two locations in Little Rock; the one we visited at Stifft Station Historic District and another near MacArthur Park. Both are nano-breweries, but what they lack in size they make up for in gallons of wondrous beer. We arrived at an odd time so there weren’t a ton of people inside, but their selection of brews could keep someone occupied for hours. Out of all the breweries we’ve been to, this one probably takes the cake for making me take the longest amount of time to choose options for a flight. What a good problem to have.

Look at how many options are on that board

In the short amount of time we spent here, my flight consisted of six different beers. I had the Dirty Seven IPA, Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse, George Bros. Historic Arkansas Ale, Cover Crop IPA, Ancestral IPA, and Shamus Stout. You can read more about my ratings by visiting my Untappd page here, but just know that the Shamus Stout was brilliant. It’s their version of an oatmeal stout, and I found it had a ton of flavors packed within. Coffee, dark chocolate, roasted malt, a hint of bourbon, with an overarching note of sweetness made this beer a true delight. It’s unfortunate we can’t find it back home in Georgia, but if we’re ever near Little Rock again I’ll be snagging some more of this one.

The Mayflower taking a break while we snacked and drank some great beer

Though we ate at the food truck outside, I have to mention that the MacArthur Park location does serve food, which makes it an even greater place to sit and hang out. They have a variety of burgers (both veggie and meat), pasta, hummus, and even chili made with the aforementioned Shamus Stout. Both locations also have music on certain days of the week, and they have trivia nights on Thursday, so there is almost always something going on at one of these breweries.

Map of Little Rock marking both Stone’s Throw locations

Next time we find ourselves in Little Rock, we’ll definitely be making another stop back at either one of the Stone’s Throw locations. Their beer was simply extravagant, and it’s a shame it’s not available in many other places outside of Arkansas. That’s the beauty of micro-breweries, though, when you stop to visit you often leave with stories to tell and no way of sharing that same brew back home. It just makes the idea of trying new beer that much more exciting, because who knows if you’ll ever have the same one again?

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