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Welcome to the mayhem! If you love adventure and travel, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a family of five (seven if you count our two fluffball dogs). This site will share how we travel on a budget and enjoy family-friendly activities, but it’ll also showcase our trips to local breweries, vineyards, and other adult-activities (but not in a weird way!) Join us through our videos, photographs, and funny moments from our trips and make sure to follow us on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and TikTok (we stay busy)!

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Who We Are

We’ve been together since we were in high school, and we’ve always shared a love of travel! We decided early on as a young family that our weekends and vacations would consist of making our adventures work, even if they were on a budget. So many people said “Wait until the kids grow up and then you can travel,” but we wanted to enjoy this world with our children. They’re only young for so long and what better way to educate them than by seeing the brilliant and vibrant cultures in this world? We’ve always done things slightly differently; that’s why we homeschool our kids and why we choose such a hands-on approach to raising them.