America’s Best Campground, Branson, MO

We love tent camping. We also love staying dry. Both of those things don’t always work well together, but even in a storm you can stay out of the elements in a tent. Now, I wouldn’t change this trip for anything, but it just so happened that rain struck us at almost every campsite from the time we left Atlanta to the time we arrived in Branson. That wouldn’t be a problem if we were staying a few nights at each spot, but when you’re forced to either take a tent down or put one up in the rain because you don’t have time to wait for the weather to clear, it can weigh on you. That’s why America’s Best Campground and our waiting cabin was a welcome sight, and we knew this was going to be a great place to rejuvenate.

We had booked the cabin a month prior while researching our travel plans, but we didn’t realize just how necessary it would be by this point in the trip. Our one-room had bunk beds, a separate queen bed, a TV, A/C, and a porch (that week was Shark Week, so the boys were loving it). It was within short walking distance to the pool, laundry room, bathrooms, and office, and it was very clean. Most importantly, the cabin gave us a solid roof over our heads for two nights, neither of which brought anymore rain. Thank you, Mother Nature, you’re real funny.

We settled in and made our way to the pool, which was massively relaxing after the combo of tent sleeping and driving we’d been doing for a few days. Their hot tub was the real MVP, though. Not that it was anything special; it didn’t come with all-you-can-eat bacon or a serenade when you got in, WE WERE JUST THAT EXHAUSTED. The boys had a great time swimming, and it was definitely a welcome pause from the nonstop “go” we had been in for days.

The staff were all very friendly at ABC. Since we arrived shortly after closing the first day, I had to finish our check-in process the next morning. The gentleman was super helpful, but more importantly he directed me over to their coffee maker. This coffee maker had two pots, which I assumed were regular and decaf; however, my assumption almost cost me dearly. He explained to me that the orange handle contained Branson Bean Coffee’s Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble. I’ve said it before, I don’t need fancy coffee, but this stuff was absolute gold! So much so that before we left Branson I picked up some of Branson Bean’s other flavors (Cinnamon Stickybun is brilliant).

The office itself was super cozy and was a log cabin theme. I feel like it would definitely be an awesome place to relax during cold weather when they can get that fireplace roaring. This area also serves as their shop, and they sell most of your typical camping needs including ice. But again…free coffee.

The laundromat was a very welcome amenity beyond the obvious: by getting our laundry all done and sorted again it essentially turned Branson into another jump-off location for us. We were able to reset and start anew by being completely refreshed. In the same area they had a game room, and they had a ping-pong table that my oldest and I played a few games on. Out at the back of the campsite was a pavilion with an overlook down the power line clearing, which was actually rather pretty. This particular campsite sits on top of a mountain, so the overlook and majority of the camping area is also very quiet.

We couldn’t have asked for a more refreshing break than we had at America’s Best Campground. It was simple, clean, and effective. Our whole family had a good time, both at the campsite and down in Branson. The proximity of the camp to everything in town is definitely an excellent draw, because most attractions are only about ten minutes away. When, not if, we find ourselves back in Branson, we’ll be staying at ABC again. Good times.

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