White Bison Coffee

We went searching for a couple of murals to get some neat photos in Nashville. What we found was a quaint shopping and restaurant strip on 12th Avenue S in Nashville, and our favorite place there was White Bison Coffee. We actually arrived at White Bison Coffee almost out of necessity: the search for coffee that morning hadn’t come to fruition at the campsite, so the “nectar-of-the-gods” was needed third-party. We put in the address for the “I Believe In Nashville” mural, and soon found this coffee shop and so much more.

So, the first thing you’ll notice about White Bison Coffee is…the white bison out front. He’s pretty cool, and he’s a great photo spot. Second, this particular location on 12th Avenue S has two stories and a porch, which is a lot more floorspace than most coffee shops. Plenty of room to get your homework done or your book written. Third, when you make it to the counter and order…the FOOD IS AMAZING!

Nashville Spicy Chicken Biscuit and a “White Bison Mocha”

We honestly weren’t expecting much when we ordered a chicken biscuit that morning; we did it out of necessity just as much as the reason we ordered coffee. But that’s the beauty of traveling, sometimes necessity is what brings you into a new experience that turns out to be amazing. We come from the heart of Chick-Fil-A country, so when I tell you we’re chicken biscuit snobs, it’s no exaggeration. It was neat to see they had a Nashville Spicy Chicken Biscuit, and after having Hattie B’s the day before, we couldn’t help but try it.

They just look yummy

Before I tell you about the chicken biscuit, I have to mention the coffee, of course. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I like my coffee either A) As black as the shadows on a starless night or B) With a little bit of cream and sugar. But my ONE EXCEPTION is a well-made white chocolate mocha. It was my first specialty coffee I ever had at a place called Sherwood Forest….I played putt-putt there when I was like 14, don’t hate. So I ordered a white chocolate mocha (or white bison mocha, as they call it) and my wife ordered the frappuccino version. They were simply outstanding. The blend of coffee from White Bison was superb, and it just complimented the white chocolate instead of the chocolate overpowering everything else and turning it into a dessert drink. Plus, it went really well with the spiciness of that chicken biscuit. Speaking of the biscuit…

It was flaky, it was moist (my wife hates that word), it was smooshy (I used that word), and it was tasty (…that’s a real word) which is everything you want in a southern biscuit. The biggest surprise here was simply the quality of the biscuit coming from a local coffee shop. I’ve had a lot of homemade biscuits in my life, and for sure this was in the top 5. Then there was the chicken. It was spicy, like it is supposed to be in Nashville, but it didn’t taste like some premade, frozen piece of meat. It had actual flavor, which again may simply be the benefit of not being a large, franchise coffee shop. The coffee and the chicken biscuit went very well together, and if they’re any indication of the quality of food there, I would imagine the rest of the food is outstanding.

The frap version

While inside, we actually heard a stranger ask another stranger, “So, is a bison the same thing as a buffalo?” The second stranger answered, “Yes.” He would be almost correct, buffalo are actually an Asian and African animal, bison are North American and Europe. I’m only adding this bit of information because I’m offended the first stranger didn’t ask me, and I have to tell the world I knew the answer. That being said, I don’t know how many White Bison are out in the plains of North America, but the coffee shop version is superb.

My white-chocolate-mocha-don’t-judge-me in front of the White Bison

After finishing off the amazing chicken biscuits, we took a walk down 12th Avenue S to a couple of murals that we originally showed up for. The first was the “Nashville Looks Good On You” mural, which actually sits sort of behind the main strip of buildings in a parking lot. There was some awkward parking maneuvering by other people going on while other groups tried to take pictures. I tried to help a stranger back their car up but apparently they didn’t trust me and they almost struck a group of pedestrians.

The “TN” instead of “TM” for trademark is classic

The second, and main, mural we showed up for was the “I Believe in Nashville” mural. This one had a ton of people trying to take pictures, so we had to jump in when we could and snag some selfies and regular pictures. Regardless, this was my favorite mural we saw. It’s simple, tells a story, and is patriotic. Plus, there is a brewery in Nashville called “I Believe Brewing Company” that has a blonde ale, and the can looks just like this mural. Check my Untappd and follow me for my quick review on that one.

The famous I Believe in Nashville mural

White Bison Coffee turned out to be a great spot to grab a quick, tasty bite and a very well made coffee, which you can then take to explore the surrounding shops and murals. It’s also a great place to sit and relax, do some work, or mingle with friends. There is plenty of room, and the scenery inside is really cool. Don’t pass up on this opportunity, you’ll regret it.

This map wall was one of my favorite features of White Bison Coffee
The family in front of the White Bison!

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