Trip to Fox City Brewing Co.

I should point out that beer is the reason civilization is so successful. No, really, look it up. And no, it’s not because of Untappd. How else do you think our ancestors stayed hydrated back in the day? They didn’t have fresh bottled water and dudes that delivered five gallon jugs of refreshing spring essence once every two weeks. Nope, they essentially created a lightly fermented drink that loosely resembled beer and which kept longer without growing all kinds of undrinkable -things- because of the alcohol content. It’s fascinating, and there is your history lesson for the day. Then they paired it with good food. Enter Fox City Brewing Company in Forsyth, Georgia.

Great food and family friendly!

Fox City is nestled in the central Georgia town of Forsyth, on Interstate 75 between Atlanta and Macon. As many times as we’ve found our family in Forsyth for other reasons, this is the first time we’ve all been there as a family since the brewery opened in 2020. We went on a Sunday after leaving a camping trip on Lake Sinclair, so we actually went slightly out of the way to get there before they closed, but we are SO glad we did. The first thing you notice about Fox City is its location just outside of the main square in Forsyth in a classic, old Georgia red brick building. There is both indoor and outdoor seating (it was 88 degrees when we arrived, nah), and the parking is right next to the building. Best of all, and very important for us, is that the brewery is family-friendly. We have three kids and we’ve had to leave other breweries in other states simply because they won’t let anyone under age 21 even sit at outdoor seating (understandably a state law usually, but still). Fox City has a kid’s menu, so there ya go.

The neat thing about Fox City on Sunday is that they have a brunch. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, southern breakfast staples, and the like. They also have their normal menu and, most importantly, a flight of four of their beers, your choice. We actually ordered a plate of their biscuits and gravy along with their cheese grits, and their version of a charcuterie board. The beers I picked for the flight were the Public Safety IPA, Bloody Bob (an Irish Red), Yarn Spinner, and Pecan’t Stop – Won’t Stop. One note about the Public Safety IPA: Forsyth is known as the public safety capital of Georgia because it is the town where the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) is located, and where the vast majority of Georgia police, corrections, DNR, GSP, and firefighters train. The name of the beer is a neat homage one of the big aspects the town is known for.

From left to right: Pecan’t Stop – Won’t Stop, Bloody Bob, Public Safety IPA, & Yarn Spinner

First off, the beers were outstanding. The Bloody Bob was one of the most nuanced Irish Reds I have ever had. There was a flavor in it I still haven’t quite been able to place my finger on, but it had a good, roasty malt flavor with minimal bitterness, a bit of coffee, and that other UFO of a flavor. The Yarn Spinner and Public Safety IPA were very well done; Yarn Spinner had a solid wheat note and obviously paired well with the orange, and the IPA was really juicy and floral but super easy to drink. And then there was the Pecan’t Stop – Won’t Stop. I’ve had a few solid pecan beers in my day (looking at you Big River Grille), but this one was my favorite. I don’t give many beers on Untappd over a 4.25, and this one gets a solid 4.75/5. The roasted pecan flavor is so present and tasty, and for a porter it is very easy-drinking. It’s incredibly smooth, and definitely one of the better beers I’ve had in a long time. Bravo, Fox City! By the way, if you’re not following me on Untappd, go add me here.

So the beer was amazing, how about the food? I grew up in Georgia, so I can get pretty judgy on country food, plus I’ll mention that most people don’t go to a brewery expecting great food. Fox City’s food was a pleasant surprise. The grits were creamy without an excess of cheese, and after spending a weekend camping they were a welcome addition. The biscuits and gravy were also very flavorful, with extra props to the biscuits for being slightly flaky. Finally, that charcuterie board was off the chain. It consisted of gherkins, various types of cheese, including bleu cheese, jam, a type of (I believe) French bread, and various meats. Every morsel of food on the board was tasty, but surprisingly the biggest surprise was the bleu cheese. It had a ton of almost salty flavor, but it wasn’t overly powerful. The meats also ran the gamut of flavor, especially the salami. They definitely weren’t your typical grocery store slices.

Fox City is definitely a hidden gem. It opened in the midst of a world gone haywire with the pandemic, and it’s just now showing up on the radar for people who aren’t local. We had a great time, and we’ll definitely be going back when we can get some more time to spend there. Their beer is a must-drink experience, and their food is arguably the best I’ve had at a brewery. The establishment gets away from the typical brewery vibe and feels extensively like a brewpub, which is a welcome change for those of us who have families and can’t always go to a proper “brewery.” Y’all check ’em out!

Their logo is awesome, too.

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    Oh wow this sounds awesome. We need to get the family together and just make the trip ALWAYS up for good beer… and good food.

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