So Who Are We…?

A quick introduction is in order! Mayflower & Mayhem is essentially a play on words involving our name and the lifestyle that our amazing family lives by (5 points if you can guess our name based on the blog name). This blog, and our various social media channels, are essentially a look into the chaotic, amazing mess that is our travel life. We share our experiences, adventures, tips, failures, and more as we navigate vacations and day-trips with our three crazy but amazing children, our two cute but awkward dogs, and our Mayflower: a Jeep Grand Cherokee that will (prayerfully) get us from point A to Z for years to come.

As we start this blog, we wish we could go back and share some of our recent travels with you. Perhaps we will, maybe in a sort of throwback series, but we definitely want to put our current focus on some of our upcoming trips. We have a great Southeast to Midwest trip coming up, and some various day and weekend trips, all of which will be posted here and on our social media. If you haven’t yet, click on the links for our Youtube and Instagram, follow us/subscribe, and enjoy all that we can offer!

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