Candytopia in Atlanta, Georgia

I’m going to break away from our Midwest road trip for a moment to slip in one of our latest adventures. I had never heard of Candytopia until…late July of this year? But we recently had a rare free weekend to go try something new and Candytopia was mentioned because it’s local. I’ll admit, I was a tad unsure about what to expect simply because the details are initially a bit vague; like, are we riding roller coasters, eating a ton of candy, or just taking pictures? I need to know these things! I soon found out though, that the best way to describe Candytopia is simply as an experience.

The floor rotated!

We bought our tickets for opening time, which worked out perfectly because there were hardly any other people there for our timeslot. Once you get inside though, they don’t care about how fast or slow you move, they just want to make sure you’re at the entrance for your scheduled time. The first thing you’ll notice about Candytopia is the colors. If Crayola threw up, you’d have all the colors Candytopia uses in their experience. The kids, even Baby J, were immediately enamored with all of the sights and sounds when we walked in the door. Plus, they have free candy in every room!

Got himself a lollipop

The first room acts as sort of a staging room; think of the elevator room from the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, without the creepy guy talking. It let’s everyone get cleared out of the next room and spaces people out a bit. The first actual room you enter when the big “Candytopia” gates open will give you full “Alice in Wonderland” vibes. There are crazy clocks everywhere, melting furniture, and a giant dragon with sunglasses that sits in the middle of the room. And that’s where the first real candy experience starts. The dragon is made entirely out of different types of candy. Throughout the experience there are tons more of these candy-statues, all of which are built from Sour Patch Kids, Haribo Gummy Bears, Peach Rings, Twizzlers, and probably a hundred other types of sweets. They give you a fair warning ahead of time: don’t try to pull the candy off and eat it, because you’ll probably crack your teeth from the amount of shellac that covers them.

The dragon

While you wander the room with the dragon, a Candytopia…person(?) comes in and starts talking. He explains, in his own extremely strange way, that each room has free candy, and that the most important thing to do in each room is go slow. He then reveals where the secret candy is located in his room, and it’s pretty neat but I won’t give it away here! It was good chocolate, though.

The next room had some cool swings to relax in, and this contraption that had flowers sticking out of it. When you step on a pump near one of the flowers, a sweet candy smell would come out of the flower. They also had their classic “100” emoji photo spot, and some other candy creations. This was also the first location where you can get your picture taken using a camera that delivers straight to your email using a QR code system. The picture above where Baby J is disappearing into the green screen was the first of these locations.

After the flower room, we moved into one of my favorite spots, the gallery. This room contained various portraits, statues, and other artwork made entirely out of candy. There were pictures of Willy Wonka, Cardi B, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe, and recreations of “Starry Night” and the “Mona Lisa.” There was also a statue of the “Thinking Man” and the “Sphinx.” Each piece of art had an explanation on what candy was used to make it, and how much of that candy.

The next few rooms are themed in different ways. One is underwater themed, and shows a giant candy shark, mermaid, and other sea creatures. Then there’s a room I could probably only describe as a selfie room that contains another photo station, and a cloud mural wall with giant inflatable balls you can pick up and take photos with. That spot was where Baby J got splattered by one of those inflatables, which you can see in our YouTube video on this place. He took it great though, got up and kept playing!

The last few rooms include a jungle room, the confetti room, and the famous marshmallow pit! The jungle room was neat, as it included a life-size candy Tarzan, and a strawberry swinging chair. But then you move into the confetti room, which will literally stay with you for days. When you walk in, you’ll get absolutely showered in confetti, and then you’ll continuously get confetti’d while you’re in there. There is also the third photo opportunity on top of a spinning floor while confetti rains down on top of you. They have a blowing machine near the end of the room, which helps to get a lot of the confetti off of you, but like I said, it’ll stay with you for days. Baby J had it in his diaper and stroller, and it was all in our clothes and hair!

The final room was the marshmallow room. This consisted of a giant foam pit with foam marshmallows, and Candytopia workers laying down some candy-themed remixes of classic rap songs. We took a few minutes to jump in the pit, and the kids absolutely had a blast. Nothing like losing your kid under a pile of marshmallows.

Candytopia was a great time. We made the whole experience last about two hours, but like I said, you can make that as fast or slow as you wish. On the way out they have a shop that sells almost every type of candy imaginable, so if you’re craving a certain candy from back in the day you definitely need to look around the shop. This was an excellent way to spend the early part of a Sunday, and it still left plenty of the day open to go do other things (we went to the Atlanta United store and Ikea). It may not be an experience you feel the need to keep going back to, but it’s worth doing once. Dang confetti.

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  1. Raygen says:

    I’ve been hearing about this place but couldn’t find any info on what to expect! It looks so fun!

    1. It was outstanding! It’s probably not something you’d keep going back to, just because of it’s linear nature, but it was super cool and the kids loved it.

  2. Charlan Williams-Moore says:

    Is it possible to change our visit time. We are traveling from St. Louis and won’t make our scheduled time. We’ve called multiple times but can not get through.

    1. Hey! We’re actually not affiliated with Candytopia at all, but it looks like they have a pretty quick turnaround on their Facebook and their email address. Good luck!

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