Branson Farmer’s Market

Branson, Missouri has something for everyone, and if you happen to be there on a Tuesday, you have to visit their farmer’s market. The market is actually based out of Springfield, where it resides on Saturdays, but it makes a pilgrimage to the banks of Lake Taneycomo (which is more of a river, but I’m not in charge of naming) during midweek. It’s also conveniently located next to the Branson Landing outdoor mall, which houses a ton of different shops along the lake. We’ll have a separate blog on that later because it’s so large, and because I feel like these hardworking people at the market deserve some recognition.

Obviously, a farmer’s market is a farmer’s market. People who toil all week round up their produce and goods and roll to their spot to sell as much as they can. This one had all the typical fresh fruits, vegetables, and even meats, AND a guy who makes homemade sodas! His business is called “Tin Lizzie’s,” a name of which I approve wholeheartedly. He was definitely the star.

I snagged a tin of Tin Lizzie’s sarsaparilla (another name of which I approve, though I don’t approve of the spelling), and truly enjoyed the fact that he dips the tins you can buy down into ice cold water before he fills them up. It was super hot that day. The sarsaparilla was outstanding, and we also tried his versions of root beer, orange soda, and cream soda, both of which were equally amazing.

After getting rehydrated, we wandered around to check out the other stalls. It hadn’t been long since we ate at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner, so we weren’t really hungry, but the produce and food looked super fresh and tasty. You can’t really ask for more at a farmer’s market. I also have to point out that the market is literally just a few feet from the lake, which provides plenty of scenic beauty and another way to beat the heat. The water is incredibly clear and cold, so it was nice to take the flip-flops off and stick our feet in.

The Branson Farmer’s Market is a neat place to stop by if you’re ever there on a Tuesday. Even if you don’t plan on buying much of anything, you can still use it as a launching point for plenty of other awesome things to do in Branson. If we were there again in a capacity where we’d be cooking, though, we would definitely be looking to grab some ingredients from this place. Plus, they have sarsaparilla!

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