Barrel and Bond, Paducah, KY

I like classy stuff. I also like “old world” atmospheres. And I like bourbon. I even think guys should still go visit the haberdashery to get their fine clothes for everyday wear before they head off to the lounge/bar, because that just sounds really cool. So when we visited Paducah, Kentucky and we found a lounge/bar called Barrel and Bond, I immediately said, “We have to go in there, it looks amazing!” So we did, but I didn’t get to go to the haberdashery first. Dang.

Elijah Craig, handpicked by the owners
The historic building

First of all, the ambiance of this place is just neat. They’ve done a great job creating a wonderful, olde-world type of environment with the rough wood touches, the bourbon barrels, and the furniture that looks like it was transported here from the roaring 20’s. It also sits in one of Paducah’s oldest buildings, and it’s very close to the exact site where the first cabin in Paducah was built after William Clark paid $5 for the land the city now sits on. The Ohio River is literally steps from the front door, so when you take all this into consideration, Barrel and Bond is just fascinating.

Soooo much alcohol
Stay classy, my friends

We arrived when they first opened, so I got to take a good look at their selection. And their selection is massive. They have a small beer list, but they clearly pride their whole operation on the hard liquor: specifically bourbon (it’s Kentucky, duh). They also have a handy food menu, which is fairly light and designed to compliment the liquor.

99 bottles of hard liquor on the wall…

I had a quick beer, mostly because of my quest to try as many beers as possible on this road trip (see my Untappd!), but I had to check out some good bourbon. Like I said, the list is massive, but I decided on a bottle of Elijah Craig that was handpicked from the distillery by the owners of Barrel and Bond. This shows the interesting relationship they have with the various bourbon makers in the state of Kentucky. Barrel and Bond serves solid pours as well, so you’ll be sippin’ and lookin’ classy for a while.

Elijah Craig in Kentucky? Yes.

Now, let’s talk about their food. They have a charcuterie board, which is a topic I feel like I’ve been writing about a lot lately, that is off. the. chain. This thing has so many different morsels and ingredients it’s almost overwhelming. Salami, other meats, various cheeses, grapes, pistachios, almonds, gherkins, blood oranges, crackers, apples, horseradish mustard, and the list goes on.

The charcuterie board was a neat way to sample various flavors while pairing it with a tasty bourbon. But we also tried their pimento cheese and hummus with crackers, and the boys especially loved that.

The staff at Barrel and Bond was also super nice and extremely helpful when it came to their liquor selection. The overall experience was just outstanding, and for a quiet Sunday in Paducah it was hard to beat. They have a great atmosphere to cap off a walk around the historic section of the city or after a trip down to the Ohio River. And if you just like bourbon in general, there aren’t many better spots to go try some new varieties.

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  1. Brian Shemwell says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I am thrilled you enjoyed your visit and am glad you enjoyed your charcuterie-And yes- it should be packed with different flavors, textures, and colors, only to compliment your drink and fill your tummy. CHEERS!!

    1. It was outstanding, we truly had a great time. I only wish we were there longer so we could’ve sat and relaxed in the lounge! Y’all keep up the great work!

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